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Keep downtime to a minimum by using durable, high-performance marine electrical cables in various types of machineries and control panels on the vessels. Investing in marine-grade cables can pay off in the long-term:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Longer durations in-between wiring malfunctions
  • Reduced costs on wiring repair and replacements

By definition, a marine cable is any insulated cable used in vessels and marine facilities. For instance, marine power cables transmit electricity. Using just about any copper cable sold in the market, however, is cutting corners. Cables with plain copper conductors will corrode and oxidise over time in marine environments but cables with marine grade wire have excellent resistance against water, oxygen and light. Companies and facilities can get better value for money from high quality marine cables with marine electrical wire manufactured specifically for the environment, machinery, and standards of ships and marine facilities.

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Singapore’s Trusted Provider of Industrial and Marine-Grade Cables

Put an end to your search for marine-grade cable suppliers. Get in touch with Cable Source, a trusted stockist and distributor of industrial and marine cables in Singapore.

Our marine cables are made to withstand extreme environments that involve constant exposure to elements like humidity, acids, oil, abrasion, heat, and cold.

Applications of Marine Cables

Marine cables, sometimes referred to as shipboard cables, are often used in circuit wiring for shipboards. These cables ensure a steady flow of electricity without the added risk of corrosion. Its tinned copper component conducts electricity with less oxidation compared to the usual bare copper wires. Marine cables are a safer choice against harsh conditions during sail.

The following are some areas where marine cables are used:

  • lighting
  • instrumentation
  • communications
  • general power wiring

Given the list of their uses, marine cables must undergo careful screening. Adhere to industry standards for quality and performance, and source cables from a trustworthy supplier.

Supplying Marine-Grade Cables in the Asia Pacific

Reach out to Cable Source, an established marine cable supplier in Singapore. We offer several varieties of marine cables that share the following features:

  • Class 2 and 5 copper wire conductor
  • LSZH core insulation and outer sheath
  • Light-weight
  • Flame retardant
  • High bending radius

We can deliver cables with these specifications to facilities anywhere in the Asia Pacific. Call or email us to discuss pricing, quotations, and shipments.

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