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We are a stockist and distributor who specialises in supplying cables for industrial, oil & gas, petrochemical, offshore and marine industries.

Why Us?

With high inventories level, strong and complete logistic support, we are dedicated to serving you with our wide range of cables to suit your needs.

Few other cable stockists can equal the quality of our supply and reach.

Strategic Location

Our warehousing facilities in Strategic Locations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia enable us to serve our customers well and make us a regional Cable Source hub especially in Asia Pacific region as customers can access and reach us better.

Stocking Capability

Our extensive network and close relationships with our principal manufacturers enable us to provide One-stop procurement solution for a wide range of cables for marine, oil & gas, petrochemical and industrial sectors at competitive prices to fulfill customers’ complete project package.

Dynamic Team

Our dynamic team comprising our Management, Sales and Support group such as Technical, Finance, Administration, Logistics, Warehousing are Customer driven.

Product Range

Our wide range of products facilitates our customers in fulfilling their requirements and our good stocking position enables them to minimise on their turnaround time for their projects and MRO.