Cable Source offers high-quality, long-lasting rubber-insulated neoprene cables. We carry an extensive range of electrical cables from well-known manufacturers for equipment, commercial and industrial use in Singapore.

Our neoprene outer covering protects our flexible Class 5 copper core conductor cables and provides exceptional tensile strength and weathering performance. It’s also ozone and compression resistant, making it a durable and resilient wire solution for dealing with harsh weather. As a result, these synthetic rubber neoprene cables with insulation are suited for outdoor use.


Many types of mobile electrical equipment require rubber-insulated cables. With so many various types and varieties on the market, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with inferior cables that can’t keep up with the standards and needs of marine and industrial applications.

Save time and money by limiting your choices to our high-quality solutions. IEC, BS, CE, KEMA, and VDE are just a few of the industry standards that Cable Source adheres to. We can promptly supply and manage cable scarcity concerns in the Asia Pacific region for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia operations.


Choose our high-performance cables to make the most of your facility’s low-voltage wiring and electrical installations budget. The following are some of the benefits of our low-voltage neoprene cables:

  • Strong durability to external abrasion
  • Flexible with strong resistance to wear and tear owing to flexing and bending
  • A minimum installation temperature of -25 degrees Celsius
  • Suitable for heavy-duty circumstances
  • Grease, oil-proof, and water resistant

Our items’ uses are also diverse:

  • Industrial: Cable winding reels with long-lasting wiring (e.g., cranes, conveyors, mining equipment)
  • Capacity: As an energy conduit to electrode supports, it has a lot of power (e.g., arc welders)
  • Communication and control: Signal transmission is smooth (e.g., remote and direct-controlled machine tools)

To avoid delays in repairs and installation, make sure your facility has enough insulated wires. Thanks to our large-capacity inventories, we’ll keep you well-supplied with rubber-insulated copper neoprene cables and wire insulation for indoor and outdoor use. Get in touch with us right away if you need wire solutions made available to you and your organisation today.