Cable Source in Singapore has a vast assortment of power cables for offshore and marine certified applications, serving organisations that work closely with natural gas, oil, or petrochemicals. We provide offshore power cables in Singapore that are built to withstand both high and low temperatures. These include RFOU cables and BFOU cables also resistant to oil, humidity, seawater, acid, and mud, which are common in most offshore operating situations.


Our power cables are known to be used in various harsh environmental conditions while retaining qualities that promote safety and reliability, such as:
• Being flame resistant or retardant
• Resistant to fire, oil, mud and other external factors
• Halogen free and environmentally safe
• Low smoke density and emission when burnt not to create noxious fumes
• High quality means minimal maintenance and replacements expense

We provide offshore power wiring solutions designed for fixed wiring in mobile/stationary offshore units and ships where mechanical protection is critical. They’re also employed in electrical & electromechanical equipment, emergency & essential systems, and electric distribution & lighting systems as fixed installation cables.

Our durable cables are also suitable for usage in crowded environments like control rooms, hotels, and electronic mainframes. They’re crucial for decreasing smoke and hazardous odours, which is especially useful during firefighting and evacuation processes. They not only help to protect valuable equipment from destruction, but they also aid to keep the fire from spreading too quickly, giving employees valuable time to get to safety. They can be used in a variety of offshore operational settings, including wet or greasy circumstances.

Our RFOU cables and BFOU cables will provide electricity to vital systems for as long as specified in applicable standards, even if they come into direct contact with fire. This offers critical equipment, such as fire alarms, critical extinguishing systems, emergency lighting, water extinguishing pumps, and communication devices, to allow critical activities to continue in the event of a fire.

The flame retardant properties of the wires also help prevent fires from spreading quickly and producing corrosive fumes. Furthermore, the cables possess a low smoke rating, which reduces the chances of asphyxia while maintaining visibility in the event of a fire.


Contact Cable Source, a reputable Singapore-based supplier of industrial offshore power cables in Singapore. We obtain our cables from industry leaders, ensuring that you receive high-quality, standard-compliant products. Call or email us today to discuss quotations and delivery.