As a supplier of an extensive catalogue of instrumentation and control cables in Singapore, we provide high-quality and reliable cables sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure that these cables perform above and beyond what is expected of their counterparts. From the petrochemical to steel industries, production plants to assembly lines, these cables hold an important place in a wide array of manufacturing industries.


Instrumentation cables are cables that transmit low-power signals, utilised extensively to monitor and control critical functions of electronics and electrical circuits. It comprises several conductors carrying electrical power, data, or signals to critical components. Instrumentation cables are generally designed and manufactured according to their exact purpose, equipped with matching protective coverings and insulations depending on the place and conditions it is supposed to perform at.

The various types of hardy cables are utilised heavily in numerous communication and control functions because it is designed to perform under challenging circumstances, including external disruption. This function becomes especially crucial when transmitting video and voice transmissions, signals, control commands, time-sensitive or critical data and even signals to perform safety functions.


Used in a vast range of industries, instrumentation cables are built to withstand difficult external environmental conditions while retaining reliability in their thermal, electrical and data functions. However, even as they are designed to match up to various needs and functions, there are still notable cable types that are generally used:
1) PVC Instrument Cable (both individually and in its shielded counterparts)
PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, an insulation material known for its anti-thermal, scratch and water resistance. The inner wire is made of copper, utilised because of its cost-effectiveness and electrical conductivity.

2) XLPE Instrument Cable (both individually and in its shielded counterparts)
This variant of instrumentation cable is made with highly thermal and water resistant polyethene materials. Polyethene is molecularly stable. Thus the resulting XLPE wire can withstand much more difficult and stressful external environmental conditions.

With a trusted catalogue of instrumentation and control cables in Singapore, we are sure to meet the needs of your business.