Keep downtime to a minimum by using durable, high-performance marine electrical cables in Singapore in various machinery and control panels on the vessels. Investing in marine-grade cables can pay off in the long-term with:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Longer durations in-between wiring malfunctions
  • Reduced costs on wiring repair and replacements

Any insulated cable used in maritime facilities and shipping vessels is referred to as a marine cable. Marine power cables, for example, transmit electrical signals and electrical energy to vital components of a ship or facility. It isn’t just enough to use any copper cable available on the market, as control cables with plain copper conductors will corrode and oxidize overtime in harsh maritime conditions. On the other hand, armoured marine cables and tinned marine wire offer good water, oxygen, and light resistance. High-quality armoured marine cables and tinned marine wire, such as MarineLine YOZp and M2XCH cables designed expressly for the environment, machinery, and standards of ships and marine facilities, providing superior value for money for companies.


We’re glad to say that your search for marine-grade cable suppliers is over. Contact Cable Source, a reputable stockist and distributor of industrial and marine electrical cables in Singapore. Our marine control cables and wires are designed to survive harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, acids, grease, abrasion, and different temperatures.


Marine cables, such as M2X cables and M2XCH cables, are frequently used in shipboard circuit wiring. These cables maintain a constant flow of electricity while reducing the risk of corrosion. Unlike bare copper wires, its tinned copper component conducts electricity with less oxidation. Marine cables are a safer option during a sail due to the severe environment.
Marine cables are used in the following applications:

  • General power wiring
  • Communications
  • Instrumentation
  • Lighting

Marine cables must be thoroughly screened due to their wide range of applications. Follow industry quality and performance standards by buying cables from a reputable provider.


Contact Cable Source, a reputable marine electrical wire supplier in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. We provide a variety of marine cables with the following characteristics:

  • Durable and lightweight
  • LSZH core insulation and outer sheath
  • High flexibility and increased bending radius
  • Flame retardant or resistant
  • Have a class 2 and 5 copper wire conductor

We can deliver cables that meet these standards to any location in the Asia Pacific. Call or email us to discuss quotations and delivery.