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Drum Reeling Cable


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Flexible class 5 copper conductor, rubber insulated and neoprene outer sheathed with incorporated vulcanized fabric braiding


Flexible Class 5 Copper Conductors

With their flexible Class 5 copper conductors, our NSHTÖU-J Drum Reeling Cables offer outstanding conductivity and effortless installation, even in tight spaces. The enhanced flexibility of the conductors ensures exceptional durability, minimising the risk of damage and ensuring reliable performance throughout their lifespan.

Rubber Insulation for Enhanced Durability

Experience the superior durability and protection of our NSHTÖU-J Drum Reeling Cables, thanks to their robust rubber insulation. With excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, and harsh environmental conditions, these cables offer reliable performance and minimise the risk of electrical faults from external factors.

Neoprene Outer Sheath for Added Protection

For enhanced protection, our NSHTÖU-J cables feature a neoprene outer sheath. With its exceptional resistance to oil, chemicals, and harsh weather elements, neoprene is the ideal choice for demanding industrial environments. Acting as a robust barrier, the outer sheath shields the cables from external damage, ensuring their long-term performance remains intact.

Incorporated Vulcanised Fabric Braiding

One of the key features of our NSHTÖU-J cables is the incorporated vulcanised fabric braiding. This advanced layer significantly boosts the cables’ mechanical strength, imparting remarkable resistance to abrasion, bending, and torsion. With the added safeguard of the vulcanised fabric braiding, our cables confidently endure the rigorous demands of drum reeling and trailing operations.


Drum Reeling Applications

Our NSHTÖU-J cables are specifically designed for use in drum reeling applications. These cables excel in scenarios where they are subjected to high mechanical strain, such as cable drums, cranes, and hoists. Their robust construction and flexibility ensure reliable power transmission and prolonged service life in demanding industrial environments.

Trailing Cable Applications

The exceptional durability and flexibility of our NSHTÖU-J cables make them an ideal choice for trailing cable applications. Whether in mining operations, shipyards, or construction sites, these cables offer reliable power supply and are capable of withstanding constant movement and mechanical stress. They provide a dependable connection between the power source and the mobile equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Voltage Rating

0.6/1KV Rating

Our NSHTÖU-J Drum Reeling Cables are rated at 0.6/1KV, making them suitable for applications requiring higher voltage levels. This rating ensures efficient power transmission over longer distances and supports a wide range of industrial and construction projects.

Discover the durability and performance of our NSHTÖU-J cables. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and find reliable solutions for your drum reeling applications. Rely on Cable Source, a trusted cable supplier, for high-quality products tailored to your industrial projects in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

Usage: as trailing cable & drum reeling cable exposed to high mechanical strain.