Copper: Still Best for Power Cables

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Those acquainted with the properties of metals that can be used for power cables will tell you that there are other alternatives to copper. However, copper remains the number one choice as the main component for industrial power cables, and for good reason. Here's why the alternatives pale in comparison to copper, and why it remains [...]

Marine Shipboard Cables: Essential Functions and Features

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The sea can be a challenging environment. From the salt in the water to the motion of the water itself, the sea presents some of the biggest challenges to a marine vessel. Protection is important not just for the hull and outer surfaces of a vessel but also for the inner electrical components. Extreme temperatures combined [...]

On Choosing Cable Suppliers: A Deeper Understanding of the Shipbuilding Industry Is a Must

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The sheer scale — and expense — of a shipbuilding project means there’s no room for underperforming components. Shipbuilding, however, presents several challenges to shipyards. To manufacture reliable watercraft, a shipyard must employ the latest marine technology, as well as utilise cost-effective materials. On top of that, marine environments host extreme temperatures, salt, and high [...]

Marine Grade Cables: The Cables Ships Need for Smooth Sailing

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The seas present an unpredictable and unforgiving environment where elemental exposure, vibration and chemical reactions can deteriorate the performance of a ship's components. This is why protection is essential for vessels that spend majority of their time sailing through potentially rough seas. Protection not only applies to the hull and the ship's outer surfaces but [...]

Neoprene Cables: A Better Alternative For Many Applications

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Industries rely on cables to power their equipment. Often, it is the case that the average rubber cable commonly found in homes and retail spaces is not enough for the heavy-duty jobs that many industries do. This is where neoprene cables come in. When heavy duty cabling is required neoprene cables are a better alternative [...]

Boat Wires 101: SAE Wires vs Marine Wires

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Wires can be a hot topic of debate in the boating community. Some are staunch of advocates of marine-grade wires, while others are convinced that SAE wires (short for Society of Automotive Engineering) are more than up for the task. To be sure, both types of wire can power both land- and water-based engines, and [...]