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Copper: Why It’s Still the Best Shipboard Cable Option

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Marine vessels require high-performance power cables that can withstand the challenging environment of the sea. The salt content of seawater, moisture, extreme temperatures, and strong currents can degrade the ship's electrical components, leading to malfunctions. As such, ships need marine-grade power cables designed to handle undersea conditions. Various materials are used for power cables, but copper [...]

Avoiding Electrical Hazards in Severe Industrial Environments

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Workplace hazards exist in every industry, but more so for industrial, marine, offshore, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. The severe environments of their locations — the outdoors, in the middle of the ocean, and rugged landscapes with extreme temperatures and high pressures — make these sites prone to electrical hazards, among other things.  Strict rules [...]

Automotive Cables Cannot Replace Marine Cables: Here’s Why

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One of the popular discourses between boat owners on the Internet is whether automotive cables work just as fine as marine cables for electrical systems aboard yachts and other types of recreational boats. Some have the impression that both types are interchangeable, mostly because of their similar outer appearances. Of course, the more seasoned sailors know [...]

Common Causes of Subsea Cable Damage and How to Prevent Them

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Subsea cables connect the world. Nearly all countries with a coastline are connected to an offshore power cable, which transmits data from continent to continent. These cables are either buried in the seabed or lie on the ocean floor, depending on their location. Since these power cables are used in extreme environments, they’re made to withstand [...]