What to Look for in a Marine Cable Stockist

//What to Look for in a Marine Cable Stockist

What to Look for in a Marine Cable Stockist

Shipboard cables, also known as marine cables, are necessary components for yachts, ships, boats and other sea vessels. Getting these quality cables for your marine vessels is critical because they are responsible for improving a ship’s control system and powering communication and instrumentation devices.

When sourcing these cables, you need to choose a stockist that provides the right equipment for your marine vessels. Cable Source shares that the best stockists should have these characteristics:


Adherence to your production calendar will be difficult if the supplier takes a long time to provide the materials or equipment you need to start and complete a project. Unreliable stockists will compromise your business, putting you at a disadvantage.

When searching for shipboard cable suppliers, make sure they always have access to the product you need. You’ll find this information by reading past customer reviews. While reading customer feedback, ask yourself the following:

  • “Was the stockist consistently able to meet the deadlines provided by the client?”
  • “What is the average wait time for each order?”

Work only with cable suppliers that have short delivery times and those that meet (or beat) the deadlines customers set.

Compliance with Industry Standards

A reliable stockist offers marine cables that meet industry standards. This means that the products have undergone stringent assessment, inspection or testing to satisfy the demands and requirements of the marine or maritime sector.  

Take our shipboard power cables as an example. Our marine cables have received approval by distinguished ship classification societies, including:

  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) – A U.S. maritime classification society dedicated to setting standards for excellence and safety
  • Lloyd’s Register (LR) – A respected provider of compliance and classification services to the marine sector
  • Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NKK) – A Japan-based ship classification society

Effective Communication

seafarers pulling cable wires

You’ll want a marine cable stockist that communicates with its customers effectively. Direct and open communication prevents a host of problems, such as cable type non-conformities and delays in production.

Reliable cable suppliers also communicate with customers proactively. When they encounter an unexpected problem with the product or the delivery time, they make sure to notify their clients as soon as possible.

Excellent Customer Service

You’ll want a shipboard stockist that knows their stuff on marine cables. If you have questions about a particular product, the supplier should be able to respond to your query readily. When you have the time, research the qualifications of the stockist team members and see if they underwent necessary training or have earned relevant certifications.

Your Trustworthy Marine Cable Solutions Provider

Turn to Cable Source when you need shipboard cables. As a trusted cable stockist and distributor in Singapore, we provide only high-performance marine cables to make your business operations more efficient. We have a wide range of ready stock from the most reliable brands in Europe and in the region.

Our dynamic and customer-driven cable specialists also offer sound technical advice and solutions to your on-site marine cable challenges and requirements. We help fulfil your project objectives and deliver stellar customer satisfaction.

Get a free quote of our shipboard cable products by emailing sales@cablesource.com.sg today.

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