Marine Shipboard Cables: Essential Functions and Features

//Marine Shipboard Cables: Essential Functions and Features

Marine Shipboard Cables: Essential Functions and Features

The sea can be a challenging environment. From the salt in the water to the motion of the water itself, the sea presents some of the biggest challenges to a marine vessel.

Protection is important not just for the hull and outer surfaces of a vessel but also for the inner electrical components. Extreme temperatures combined with the corrosive effects of moisture, oil and salt quickly lead to the degradation of components essential to your system.

The key to a long-lasting system for your marine vessel is the use of the right cable. When setting up a ship, make sure to use only a durable marine shipboard cable. This type of cable is specially designed to handle the marine environment.

Where are Shipboard Cables Used?

Marine shipboard cables are essential components used for several functions in boats, ships and yachts. These include:

  • Communication

    Shipboard cables are used in various communication devices within the vessel.

  • Control Systems

    With today’s ships becoming more automated, shipboard cables are essential in enhancing the vessel’s control systems.

  • Instrumentation

    Marine shipboard cables are found in various instrumentation devices, such as sensors, that update the crew of the vessel’s condition at all times.

  • Power

    Shipboard cables help retain and transmit the power to the necessary devices of a vessel.

What Makes Marine Shipboard Cables Important?

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What makes shipboard cables reliable that they are used in several functions of a marine vessel? Here are some of their noteworthy features:

  • Resistant to Corrosion

    A common concern when it comes to cabling in marine vessels is the risk of corrosion. Marine shipboard cables contain tinned copper that make it more resistant to corrosion compared to cables meant for shore use. Tinning strengthens the copper’s natural properties, making it resistant to high temperatures, humidity and wet environments.

  • Flexibility

    Shipboard cables contain a tough yet flexible Low Smoke Zero Halogen, which is essential when the cables are run through tight spaces. This flexibility provides easier cable handling and shorter installation time.

  • Insulation

    The Low Smoke Zero Halogen also protects the cable against elements such as fire, gas, humidity and oil. This ensures that the shipboard cable keeps the systems running without any problems or risks.

  • Size

    Marine shipboard cables are larger than other instrument’s cables, since they contain more copper. When a cable has more copper, it has a better carrying capacity, or the ability to accommodate a higher amount of electrical current.

Singapore’s Trustworthy Cable Solutions Provider

Marine shipboard cables are essential in making sure a marine vessel functions efficiently and is safe from the harsh conditions of the sea. When buying cables, make sure to get them from a reliable supplier.

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Our high-performance shipboard cables will help improve the efficiency of your business operations. We deliver cables to facilities anywhere in the Asia Pacific.

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