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Drum reeling cables are widely used in a variety of sectors, such as in manufacturing, chemical, construction, wastewater, and mining industries. Most of the time, these cable drums require moving frequently. However, because of their usual big size, drums for reeling cables are often difficult and even risky to move. As such, it is important to handle them as efficiently and safely as possible.

Fortunately, there are many tools and equipment that industries can use to make the handling of cable drums a lot more efficient and safer. These pieces of equipment are designed to meet the challenges that come with handling cable drums and other electrical materials. To find out what they are, read on as this article enumerates some of the most innovative solutions for the efficient and safe handling of cable reeling drums.

1. Reel Stands 

To address the challenges that come with the handling of cable reeling drums, begin with base jack stands that are specially designed for high-capacity storage. These stands can elevate the cables above the ground, which can then help protect the cables or the drum against environmental hazards. Utilising a jack stand can address the safety issues of handling cable drums while also making the cables available for fast and easy payout when needed. 

2. Reel Taxi

Roller platforms facilitate ergonomic cable payout and streamline the transportation of smaller reels. Among the best roller platforms to use is the reel taxi, which is an easy-to-deploy piece of equipment optimised for spools that come with diameters between 12 and 24 inches. Specifically suitable for data cables, reel taxis often feature adjustable rollers with closed bearings and a sturdy poly coating as well as locking casters. These reel taxis usually have a carrying capacity of 400 pounds and are an incredible option for common wiring jobs. 

3. Reel Handler Attachment

When it comes to transporting cable drums, reel handler attachments are something every enterprise should invest in. With a reel handler attachment, any type of forklift can safely and securely transport cables or distribute products at an ergonomic posture. This equipment usually comes with a safety chain for complete engagement with lift trucks, as well as tapered ends to enable reels with full loads to be loaded quickly without the need for heavy lifting.

4. Overhead Reel Lifter

When cable drums cannot be lifted from the bottom, one can make use of the overhead reel lifter, which enables the overhead loading, lifting, and transportation of up to 5,000 pounds of products. This equipment accommodates spools with a maximum diameter capacity of 59” and a maximum width range of 38”. A safety chain typically attaches to either the mast or the fork, and the beams feature keyhole chain-link slots for fast adjustments when dealing with cable reels of various sizes.

5. Parallel Reel Payout 

The parallel reel payout streamlines cable pulling with multi-compartment, free-spinning reels. It is available in a variety of configurations to accommodate various reels, and it usually comes with a four-way pocket design to allow flexible positioning with a pallet truck. Alternatively, one can outfit the parallel reel payout with casters for fast and easy ground transportation.


Ultimately, drum reeling cables protect electrical materials, such as instrumentation cables and electrical earth cables, during transportation and storage. However, at the same time, they present safety challenges for electrical manufacturers and distributors. For maximum efficiency and safety, cable drums should always be handled properly with the aid of some innovative equipment, such as reel stands, reel taxis, reel handler attachments, overhead reel lifters, and parallel reel payouts.

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